In 2010 the Lord, after years and years of “downloading” and preparation, instructed Ericka to begin teaching this process of emotional and spiritual cleansing. Then, He gave it a name – The Convergence Spiritual Cleansing Method™. From that day on, Ericka has worked with hundreds of leaders and individuals in this process. It works without fail because Jesus and His Holy Spirit work without fail.

flying-lovers-10048292Your life’s journey is about not only discovering the fullness of why God created you, it is also to master the process of removing anything in the way of the world experiencing it. Greatness is already inside of you. The challenge is that it is covered with “stuff” that is stopping you from completely realizing who you are and bringing your full power forth into the world with no apology or hesitation.

When your path to living your destiny is clear from all hindrances, you love your life! You no longer have to peer into or admire the lives others are living. You are passionately engaged in directly hearing from the Throne of God to tap into the blueprint God specifically created for you and fully focuses on building the life of your calling, purpose and Kingdom Assignment.

The process begins with deeply connecting you who you were created to be, then walks and guides you through a process of true forgiveness of all past hurts, wounds, disappointments and other forms of emotional challenges or darkness that is clogging your heart from fulfilling its purpose of being the spiritual gateway between Heaven and Earth so you can easily access and manifest ALL of the blessings God has designed for you.

In the Clearing the Way Process you are led through healing and releasing your past, present and generational wounds that have impacted your heart. You no longer have flash-backs to past hurts and pain that occurred in your life because they no longer occupy space in your heart.

While other forgiveness and emotional healing processes have you repeat prayers, relive and experience past hurts and open up emotional wounds with no understanding of the critical importance of ridding yourself of what entered into your life as a result of emotional pain, the Clearing the Way process is the only comprehensive emotional healing process that fully purifies your heart (working in tandem with the Heavenly realm) and removes behaviors and mindsets that have left you living beneath who you are called to be.

biz woman thanking GodOnce the heart work is completed, the process then walks you through releasing all spiritual hindrances that have kept you bound and held you back from being all you were created to be. Another word for this is deliverance. There are 14 stronghold spirits that can manifest in thousands of ways in your life. This process trains you in understanding how to recognize each one of them and be rid of them once and for all. Lastly, you are guided in shifting the behaviors and mindsets that the presence of the stronghold spirits in our lives create.

If you are ready to be crystal clear about who you are and have nothing (not even your past experiences) covering your true self, then you are ready to Clear the Way!

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