Ej-standing-hand-1024x956From a very young age, Ericka D. James (formerly Jackson) know she was destined to do something big in the world. She invited Jesus into her heart at the age of eight years old. But, she felt trapped inside a reality that did not always have room for her. She grew up in a successful entrepreneurial family that taught her never to say, “can’t” and that everything is possible. Inside the protective walls of her home she was taught to think differently from everyone else and prosper as she witnessed her parents build a multi-million dollar business.

Yet outside of the walls of her house, she felt deep insecurity and struggled with feeling of inadequacy. She experienced cruel bullying by her peers and soon become an angry teenager at home. Through the guidance of her older sister, she decided to channel her feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness into leading her peers to access their greatness as she endeavored to access and express here. She learned to lead others so they never felt the way she felt inside – unattractive and insecure. She poured herself into her friends, sports and student leadership and started her first speaking and training business when she was only 18 years old.

As a college freshman, it finally caught up with her. She was running for a student body position at an unprecedented age, one day she crumbled on her couch feeling lonely, misunderstood and tired of always striving so hard to cover up her pain. She cried out to the Lord for help. Within minutes her phone rang and it was a phone call that catapulted her into her destiny.

It was her older sister calling to share news about some powerful transformational courses in which she was involved. At the time the introductory class was called, “The Forum.” At the age of 18, while all of her peers were partying and drinking on weekends, Ericka commuted the three hours between Bellingham, WA, where she was attending college and Seattle, WA where the courses were held. She took class after class and was the youngest person in the room. But, even with these transformational courses, she knew something was missing – the truth about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

She spent the next ten years searching for that something. This journey led her to work with people who she had only read about in books and magazines. But, they didn’t have that one thing for which she was searching. Instead, they were public figures who were privately struggling with deep inadequacies and issues. Ericka then made a decision that changed the course of her life.

She prayed a simple, but powerful prayer that rocked her to the very core of who she was. She asked the Lord, “Lord, please clean me up before you put me out there. I want to be the same person on stage speaking as I am standing at my kitchen sink in a burlap sack.” Whoa! Little did she know or even begin to understand for what she was asking. All she knew was that we deeply desired to be authentically whole, confident and in her power – to become the fullness of the person she was created to be and complete every ounce of her life’s assignment – and do this while accessing and manifesting supernatural miracles, prosperity, abundance and achievement so she could help others realize and express their greatness to complete their lives’ assignments.

Over the next 20 years, God took her through a breaking, emptying and stripping process that “pulverized” anything that was not light and began recreating her to be her greatest self. This process of spiritual healing was revealed along the way.

She walks in a double anointing of business and ministry and is the Founder of The Kingdom Minister’s Association and The International Alliance of Christian Business Women. She walks in her Apostolic mantle and oversees more than 20 ministers as they create thriving ministries that change the world.

What began more than 27 years ago has been perfected and this process is now available to you through Clearing The Way.

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