This process is only for those serious about doing what it takes to truly be free. Here are some benchmarks so you can make sure that you are ready to Clear The Way.

You are ready to Clear Your Way if:

  • You have been searching for the Truth about God and how to be all He created you to be.
  • You have been on your journey of self-work and discovery and are ready to complete the process and be who you were created to be in every area of your life.
  • You are called to do something BIG and of impact in your life (this process is deep and stretching and your WHY has to be big enough for you to see it through).
  • You consider yourself a Christian but no longer receiving what you are searching for in traditional church or conference setting and you are hungry for deeper revelation and are seeking pure truth directly from the Throne of God and the Holy Spirit.
  • You are willing to go beyond what you have known or think you know to understand and receive advanced and highly enlightened teachings that take you inside of scripture and show you how to bring scripture to life in every aspect of your world.
  • You are ready to remove anything in the way of the prophetic words you have received coming into manifestation.
  • You have been looking beyond traditional Christianity into deeper teachings, practices, and insights because you are hungry for more and you aren’t receiving it in your church activities. This may also show up as you being bored with church as usual and not even desiring to “go to church” or be a part of “religion.” But you are desiring to go deeper in the Lord and know there just has to be more.
  • You are ready to activate the full power of Jesus Christ within you and you don’t want the “woo woo” spiritual stuff (for example, the Law of Attraction), but you may be drawn to it because they seem to seek more than tradition. You really want the real deal as taught through Jesus and His Holy Spirit.
  • You are ready to BURST forth and share your genius, brilliance, love, power and greatness with the world.

If this describes you, then it is time to Clear Your Way!

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