Young businesswoman with arms out against blue skyAs you participate in this process, your life will become amazing! You will want to share your stories of transformation and freedom. You will want someone who fully understands the breakthroughs you are experiencing so they can do the “happy dance” of celebration with you. You will desire a community of support of others who are on this journey who can share their experiences and keep you encouraged to move through the entire process.

We call this community The Victory Network. This is a community of people who have overcome and are accessing and living a life of joy, love, faith and victory as the Lord designed it. It is a community of powerful, passionate, bold believers who truly BELIEVE. They have witness the miracle-working power of this work and can’t wait for others to join them.

We desire to be all God created us to be and experience life and life more abundantly in our friendships, businesses, careers, organizations, relationships, marriages so we can be vessels for the works of Jesus and His greater works to manifest in our homes, communities, regions and nations. Here’s to loving the joy, power, authority and dominion of the Lord!

We are doing deeper into the things of the Lord to fulfill our calling and change the world.

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