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Beyond Fearless: How To Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life

by Ericka D. Jackson, Evangelist, Author and Kingdom Trainer

These are just a few of the words people are using to describe this breakthrough book by Ericka Jackson "So many AH-HA moments. Life changing. I couldn'’t put it down... just too many breakthroughs to name. What an eye opener! I just feel free and breakthroughs are just flowing."” - Conference attendee. "Ericka, this work has changed my life! For the first time in more than fifty years, I remember who God created me to be! After countless years of counseling, medication and searching, through reading this book, I have finally discovered how to get free from the extra 350 pounds I have been carrying. For the first time in years of being a hoarder I am able to begin throwing things out and I am ready for a fresh start! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - G. Davis.

"I can count on one hand the number of books I have read from cover to cover at one sitting.  I started reading Beyond Fearless the morning after I received it, and couldn't put it down. I know it is a book I will read over and over in my life. The concept that using these specific techniques will allow the Holy Spirit to remove all the hindrances I have experienced in my life, and be all that I have dreamed of being, is incredibly exciting.  I want to give a copy to everyone I know to spread the good news!" - B Hemphill, Raleigh, NC

"All I can say is buckle up and put on some good shoes, because your toes will get stepped on. This book is so awesome and a eye opener as to where we are in the Body of Christ. I thank God for Erickas' obedience to put this work out there. You WILL be blesssed, set free, and TRULY delivered, In the name of JESUS." - T. Scott, Raleigh, NC

 "Thank you for being used by GOD to write this awesome book, I've began reading and haven't been able to put it down yet, I've been responding (writing) to the exercise in each chapter. You'll always a blessing to me ERICKA, may GOD BLESS YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!" - E. Burton, Durham, NC

"Thank the Lord for you and this amazing and incredible work He has brought through you. I feel immensely blessed and felt another release from God. Continue to heal and deliver!" - S. Simmons, Seattle, WA

"This is the work of my life! Everything I have done in my life was leading up to this work being released through me" - Ericka

312 pages, paperback

$21.95 (plus shipping & handling)


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Take a moment.  Imagine your life free of fear, self condemnation, depression, anger, anxiety and sickness.  No clutter, procrastination, distractions or that overwhelming feeling of being stuck ever again. Seriously, enjoy your moment.Now, it is time to move beyond imagining your life without these spiritual strongholds and start living it, a life Beyond Fearless. You were designed to live a life without hindrances.

  • You were designed to live with a heart that is open to receive and give love.
  • You were designed to hear from God at all times.
  • You were specially crafted with a deep knowing of how to access all God has for you and to move forward with ease and certainty.
  • You were created to receive abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.
  • You were created to be true to yourself and make a notable difference in the world.

Rediscover yourself today by getting your copy now, order-now_red To live a life without hindrances means living without any spiritual strongholds operating in your life.  Spiritual strongholds are designed to keep you from experiencing and walking in God's love in particular areas. They are often the root cause of oppression in your life. In this book, Ericka teaches you how to manifest God's glory on a daily basis and how to live above this realm where Satan has access to wreak havoc in your life. You were created to thrive, flourish and activate blessings in your life and the lives of others. This book provides you with the awareness and wisdom to catapult you into this divine favor of God This book is for you if:

  • You are ready to rediscover yourself
  • You know God has something great for you but you haven’t been able to put your finger on it.
  • You are ready to break free of the restraints that have been holding you back so that you may experience Kingdom Living.
  • You are ready to overcome challenges, barriers and strongholds.
  • You are ready to release yourself from negative self-talk, stress, worry, anger, or distractions.
  • You are ready to be healed from a sickness or disease that has affected your ability to focus on what God has for you.
  • You are ready to experience fearlessness and follow-through on manifesting God's vision for your life.

This book walks you through the entire progressive process to uncover the person God created you to be. Beyond Fearless is not filled with theoretical or philosophical conjecture. It doesn't contain a lot of motivational rah- rah.  This book is concrete, the real deal with real world application.  Ericka takes you through a powerful process that will transform your life.  In this book, you will read about true life stories of actual clients struggle with unclean spirits; you'll learn how they manifested themselves; you will also discover how they might be producing fruit in your life and exactly what to do to get rid of them. Order the Beyond Fearless Book today!

Kick-Start Your New Life Today by:

  • Reestablishing your proper position in the heavenly rank
  • Identifying and removing what may be hindering you throughout your life and in your walk with God
  • Releasing the full power of the anointing into your life and God’s Kingdom
  • Reconnecting with your full authority, power and dominion
  • Fulfilling the desires of your heart by eliminating obstacles
  • Rediscovering your vision and life's passion
  • Gaining more energy, enthusiasm and creativity
  • Being confident in who you are and living Beyond Fearless

Read Beyond Fearless to learn how to truly live with no hindrances (obstacles, challenges, barriers, drawbacks) in your walk with God. This is the content you will get:

Chapter 1:  Twenty years in the making

Chapter 2:  Why are you still unclean

Chapter 3:  How to get the devil off of your heels

Chapter 4:  Remembering who you are

Chapter 5:  Your fearless foundation

Chapter 6:  The power of being saved

Chapter 7:  Is your heart ready for God

Chapter 8:  The stronghold spirits and their fruit

Chapter 9:  Casting out the unclean

Chapter 10: Calling in the clean spirits

Chapter 11: No more sickness

Chapter 12: Your will and his will become one

P.S. There is not enough space on this web page to fully describe the miracles that have been happening in the lives of everyone who has come in contact with this work. Until just recently, this work has only been available on a one-on-one basis and now, it is available to you through this revolutionary book.

P.P.S. This book will literally transform the church and the Body of Christ as it re-aligns you with your rightful position in Jesus.

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