A 6-Part Telecourse

Tuesdays, February 27th - April 3rd, 2018

What if you could be restored to your "factory settings" and truly BE the fullness of all God created you to be? It is possible. Keep reading...

If you are hungry for DEEPER Training...
There is More For You and it is Time to Fully Access it So You Can Be ALL You Were Created To Be.

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To Christian Leaders, Business Owners, Church Leadership, and all those ready for advanced training and tired of “church as usual:”

  • Have you been doing all you know how to do in your work and life and there is something inside of you telling you that there is more for you?
  • Are you tired of replaying old thoughts, issues and patterns from your past?
  • Have been praying and fasting and you’re still not getting the results that are promised in the Word?
  • Have been trying to manage sickness and disease and you are ready to be free from sickness once and for all?

It is time for you to be free!

Learn how to get on the offensive in your walk with the Lord.

End all Procrastination. Worry. Insecurity. Pride. Doubt. Guilt. Depression. Jealousy. Arrogance. Rejection. Stress. ALL Sickness and Disease. Pornographic Addiction. Drug Addiction (and all addictions). Jealousy. Memory Loss. Suicidal Thoughts. Extreme “Busyness.”

Prayer and fasting alone are not enough to get free from them.

It IS possible to be completely free from these so you can get on with the life you were born to live and fulfill your DESTINY!

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This Course is For You if You:

  • Are a leader or called to be a leader in your field and you are silently struggling with fear, insecurity, self-doubt and other issues and you are ready to be free.
  • Are tired of living beneath your purpose and potential and desire to access all the Lord has for you.
  • Have been praying, fasting, worshiping, praising and serving and you are still not getting the results that are promised in Holy scripture.
  • Are ready to receive deeper and advanced teachings on how access the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven right here and now.
  • Have completed the Freedom From Fear Forever Training (required pre-requisite)

This work is what has been missing from our walks with the Lord and you are READY!

This proven process has already been used to help hundreds of my clients and students now it is your turn.

Being emotionally and spiritually free will:

  • Help you get things done with more efficiency with no more putting things off.
  • Open up the financial flow and provision for your vision without worry or stress.
  • Witness more and more miracles happen in your day-to-day life.
  • Remove any judgement and critical thoughts of yourself and others so you can be free to live your God-ordained dreams.
  • Increase your spiritual “magnetism” so blessings begin to pursue you.
  • Be certain of your decisions because you’re so in tuned to the Holy Spirit.
  • Become completely free from all addictions (including food, people, pornography, material things, etc).
  • Experience the full manifestation of healing of any and ALL sickness (this process has healed stage 4 cancer, HIV, and so many more ailments that the world tells us is not possible to be healed).
  • Prepare you to receive love beyond anything you ever imagined from friendships, your family and your significant other/spouse.
  • And SO much more...

It is time for you to be 100% certain of who you are, the fullness of your calling and how incredible you are.

It is this work that causes me and so many others to wake up each and every morning completely excited about my life and where it is going.

This process takes you far beyond what is currently available for emotional healing and spiritual cleansing.

I want to share this work with as many people as possible so we, as Christians, can truly illuminate the power and love of Jesus in every area of our lives and people are moved by our presence so much so that they want to not only intimately know Jesus, but they want to go deeper and deeper into Him and be a blessing to more and more people in their lives.

Are you one of these people?

Then, this work is the KEY to guiding you through the transition from who you’ve been to who you were created to be!

You Will Be Guided In How To:

  • Walk in the 3 revelations that will open your understanding of the power of your heart and spirit.
  • Implement the specific steps to identify and remove the 14 stronghold spirits and their negative effects from your life.
  • Gain the revelation necessary for you to appropriate the power in the name of Jesus for your physical healing.
  • Remove Satan’s access to your life once and for all.
  • and so much more...

Indeed there has been a phenomenal change in my life and my husband is beginning to see it as well!!! Praise God!!! I'm getting what I've termed 'downloads' from God on a constant basis. Life changing revelations from the cleansing process!!! Loving the newness!!!

Clearing the Way Participant

It is awesome!! I feel so blessed to have met you and can now hear and learn what the Lord has revealed to you to teach us. I feel like I have a map for the journey. What you are teaching us is answering so many questions that I feel I haven't been able to get from the church or other teachings."

Clearing the Way Participant

This is exceptional for breakthrough! I get it! And its simple...full of the grace and mercy of the Lord...I thank God for your Life! I thank God for your obedience to sow into God's Kingdom to help us get to where He wants us to be full on in our God-given authority!

Clearing the Way Participant

This course is life-changing! It really is new revelation that I have never heard before...and I've been in church all of my life! I praise God for answering my prayers for more meaty teachings that are the truth! Thank you for being obedient!

Clearing the Way Participant


The prerequisites for this course are Your Heart is the Key and Freedom From Fear Forever Course.  If you missed the live courses, you can listen to the audio training of the course. Click Here to Get Started


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You will also receive:

  • 24/7 access to all classes and materials via Ericka’s online learning center.
  • A weekly training packet that walks you through the process the Holy Spirit showed Ericka to fully purify your heart and remove any remaining emotional wounds, unforgiveness and unhealed areas.
  • The expanded list of the 14 stronghold spirits and their fruits so you can identify and always recognize when something unclean has found its way into your life.
  • Key scriptures that take you through the understanding of the heart and deliverance work in the scripture.
  • Access to fully trained Spiritual Cleansing Specialists to help you complete the process.

About the Trainer Ericka D. James Ej standing hand The Results Accelerator

Ericka D. James' primary gift is hearing directly from the throne of God.

In her early twenties she prayed a prayer that changed the course of her life. Knowing that she was called to speak and lead, she asked the Lord to clean her out before He put her “out there.”

Little did she know that this would result in a process of being completely broken, emptied out and stripped so He could rebuild her according to His purpose.

Her testimony is one of overcoming bullying, forgiveness, faith and the unyielding pursuit of the Word and revelation of the Lord. Mrs. James takes leaders beyond tradition. She is called to eliminate the walls of race and gender division that have prevailed in the Body of Christ for far too long.

You will find Ericka in front of audiences of different cultures and ethnicities offering new and fresh revelation that brings the scripture to live and into manifestation. She also has a call on her life to expand businesses that are carrying out the will of the Lord.

As a seasoned Prophet, Author and Kingdom Trainer who walks in an Apostolic mantle, she is called to elevate the Body of Christ, she brings her natural humor and ability to entertain audiences as she delivers her national  message of truth.

Through obedience and complete surrender, Ericka shares the revelation she receives from the throne of God to churches, conferences and leaders across the nations. Her business (and ministry) is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at www.ErickaDJames.com. You can find out more information about The International Alliance of Christian Business Women at www.IACBW.com.

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